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What is the WCR of my ATS?
For the any breaker WCR, refer to the table below.
1. All values are available symmetrical RMS amperes and tested in accordance with the withstand and closeon requirements of UL 1008. See Publication 1128 for more information on withstand and close-on ratings for
ASCO transfer switches.
2. Application requirements may permit higher withstand ratings for certain size switches. Contact ASCO for
guidance if available short circuit current exceeds the WCR ratings shown.
3. "Any" breaker ratings are based on 1.5 cycles for 30 -230 amp and 3 cycles for 260 - 4000 amps. Applicable
to breakers with instantaneous trip elements.
4. Short time ratings are provided for applications involving breakers that do not have instantaneous trips for
systems coordination.
5. Short time rating applicable to transfer switch design only.
6. Optional front connected service limited to 85,000 amps for specific and any breaker rating.
Where can I get load shed signals?
Series 300 ATS product line does not have load shed capability options. This feature is only available with
4000 or 7000 series.
Where can I get post and pre-transfer signals on the ATS?
Connect external circuits to the terminals indicated on the Wiring Diagram
provided with the ATS.
The double throw (Form C) contact is rated for 28VDC or 120VAC (5 amps
resistive). The contact operates prior to a selectable 0, 3, 10, or 20 second
delay before transfer of the Automatic Transfer Switch. The contact resets
either immediately following transfer or after the same delay as set for pre–
signal before transfer. Time delay between the load disconnect control
signal and initiation of transfer is set on the controller with DIP switch S2
(actuators 6, 7, 8) as shown below:
It is called Load Disconnect Contacts.