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Can I change the neutral pole of the ATS?
No. It can only be specified upon ordering. The switch can be returned to our factory for modifications or a
replacement switch purchased. Contact ASCO Services for details.
Can I modify the switch to be service entrance rated?
This is not practical; a new enclosure may be required. In addition, a circuit breaker and a neutral and ground
disconnect link is needed.
Can I modify the voltage rating of the ATS?
Yes, controller and coil would need to be replaced with proper voltage configuration.
How can I convert a non-automatic to an automatic transfer switch?
Conversion of a non-automatic series 386 to a series 300 ATS can be done by replacing a door controller and
connecting it to the group 1 control panel; and re-setting the DIP switches for automatic operation. The engine
start wire needs to be connected to the engine start contacts for automatic function. It is recommended this
modification be done by an ASCO Services technician. If done by a third party the warranty will be voided.
Can I replace the ATS under warranty?
Yes, as long as the switch is within the warranty period. Contact ASCO Power Warranty for guidance on
How do I contact a service technician?
Contact a local ASCO Services representative by calling the toll free hotline (1-800-2726), then go to option 2
then 3 on the prompt or connect with any customer service representative. They will transfer you to a local
service technician’s office in your area.
How do I convert the ATS from 3φ to 1φ?
Connect the power cables to Phase A and C and turn actuator 6 of DIP switch S1 to “ON”.
(Note: Voltage must be the same when converting from 3φ to 1φ.)
How do I replace the coil kit?
Follow the guidelines on the service bulletin provided with the coil kit.
It is recommended to have an accredited ASI service technician replace the coil.