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Why won’t the ATS re-transfer to normal?
- SE relay malfunction, check the relay contacts to verify they are changing contact positions accordingly.
- Coil clearing contact malfunction.
- Time delays for re-transfer to normal source has not expired. Check P1 potentiometer.
- Normal has not stabilized.
- Controller issue.
Why won't the ATS start the generator?
• Engine start wires are not connected to the engine start contacts (terminal 15 and 16 for a closed to start and
14 and 16 for an opening to start generator).
• Generator engine start control not set to AUTO position.
• Generator is not a 2-wire start
• No continuity on the engine-start wires (check wires for breaks).
• Generator Controller issue.
• NR relay nonoperational (controller should be replaced).
Why won't the ATS transfer to emergency?
- ER relay nonoperational, check relay contacts and relay coil; replace if
- Coil clearing contact malfunction.
- Time delay on transfer to emergency has not expired. Check P1 dial for time delay setting.
- Generator source is not acceptable (compare switch voltage rating with the generated voltage of the engine).
- Controller issue.
Why won't the engine exerciser work properly?
- DIP switch settings.
- 9V Battery needs to be replaced.
- Battery jumper not set to ON position.
-11BG optional engine exerciser and standard exerciser are both enabled.
Set only one exerciser.
- NR relay / Controller issue.