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How do I install the ATS?
The ATS should be installed following the procedure in the installation manual, wiring diagrams and the notes
on the mounting diagrams.
Click here to find the drawings.
What generator models are compatible with the ATS?
The generator must be equipped with 2 wire start, and connected to the
engine start circuit of the transfer switch.
What is the acceptable cable size for the ATS power connections?
Click here
Where can I get the weight and dimensions of the ATS?
Click here
Where do I connect the power cables?
Click here to get the wiring and the outline and mounting diagrams.
How do I connect an 11BG?
To connect an 11BG (Programmable Engine Exerciser), just follow the
wiring diagram below. To use 11BG, configure the Group 1 DIP switch
based on Table 2.