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Chapter 9—Electrons in Atoms
Student Learning Map
Unit Essential Question: How do electrons behave and how are
they arranged around the atom’s nucleus?
Electron Behavior
Atomic Model
Quantum Numbers
Lesson Essential
Lesson Essential
Lesson Essential
How is the wave-particle
duality explanation used to
explain light and electrons?
What is the relationship
between the speed,
frequency, and
wavelength of
What is the significance of the
photoelectric effect in
describing the behavior of the
electron and light?
Wave-particle duality theory
Speed of light, c = λυ
Electromagnetic radiation
Electromagnetic spectrum
Photoelectric effect
De Broglie
How did the Heisenberg
uncertainty principle and
the Schrödinger wave
equation lead to atomic
What is the significance of each of the
four quantum numbers?
How are the quantum numbers
used to describe the position of an
electron in an atom?
What are the downfalls of the
Bohr model of the atom?
How many electrons fill each
energy level and each orbital?
What are the differences
between the Bohr model
and the Quantum model of
the atom?
What is the significance of the Aufbau
principle, the Pauli exclusion
principle, and Hund’s rule when
discussing electron configuration
within the atom?
Given an element, how do I
determine its electron
configuration, orbital notation,
and electron dot notation?
Heisenberg Uncertainty
Schrodinger’s wave equation
Bohr model
Quantum model
Atomic orbitals
Quantum numbers
Principal quantum number
Orbital quantum number
Magnetic quantum number
Spin quantum number
Pauli Exclusion Principle
Aufbau Principal
Hund’s Rule
Energy level
Orbitals (s, p, d, f)
Electron configuration