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Name: ___________________________________ Date: _________________ Period: ________
Quantum Numbers
1. What is a Quantum Number?
2. What are the four Quantum Numbers? Complete the following table using your
Name of QN
Possible Values
Definition / Description
3. Can two electrons have the same set of quantum numbers? Why or why not??
Name: ___________________________________ Date: _________________ Period: ________
4. Consider the shapes of the orbitals (s, p, d, and f). Draw out (to the best of your ability)
these three geometric designs. What happens to the relative energies associated with
these orbitals as you add in more electrons?
5. How many total electrons can the n=3 subshell hold? Explain with pictures.
6. How many total electrons can the n=4 subshell hold? Explain with pictures.
7. What is the difference between a “shell” and a “subshell” when referring to quantum
8. Define:
a. Aufbau Principle –
b. Hund’s Rule –
c. Degenerate Orbital –