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 Today we will review for test
 Do now is on-line case work for
class credit
Is anyone who may play, officiate, watch or
listen to sports or read, use, purchase and/or
collect sports items.
 A purchase by a sports consumer is like a “vote”
because the purchase equals a decision of
Analyzing a market by specific
characteristics to create a target
Product Benefits
Marketers also study consumer
behavior, needs and wants
regarding specific product benefits
to consumers.
Sports marketing professionals must
constantly check current consumer approval
Goods, services, ideas
or a combination of
those things related to
sports that provide
satisfaction to the
 A monster-truck race can
include music and
celebrity appearances to
entertain spectators.
These events are the
core products of
sports marketing.
They include athletes
and the arenas where
the events take place.
This sport’s product
involves news,
statistics, schedules,
and stories.
Television, radio,
online, and print media
provide sports
This product is usually
a service such as
instruction that is
provided through
fitness centers, sports
camps and lessons.
Equipment, licensed
collectibles, apparel,
accessories and
Tangible products –
physical goods that
offer benefits to
The focus Marketing
is on consumers and what
they want, quality
Is among product
How well does the
product perform its
function in the opinion of
the consumers, or end
users of the goods?
Quality Dimension of Goods
Consumer’s Questions
How well does the product
perform its core function?
Does the athletic running shoe
increase your performance?
Does the product offer
additional benefits?
Are the golf-club heads made
with titanium?
Intangible product or nonphysical service
Reliability –
 ability to perform promised services dependably and
Assurance –
 knowledge and courtesy of employees and their ability to
convey trust and confidence
Empathy –
 the caring, individualized attention provided by the
professional sports franchise for its customers
Responsiveness –
 willingness to help customers and provide prompt service
Tangibles –
 appearance of equipment, personnel materials, and venue
A group of closely related products
manufactured and/or sold by a company.
▪ Example: Spalding sells several products lines.
The total assortment of
products that a company
 Example: Wilson Sporting Goods
makes a variety of different
product lines that are closely
related, but its product mix is
extensive with equipment.
▪ Golf, baseball, fitness, clothes
Opportunity Costs
2. Infrastructure
3. Sports Franchise
4. Grassroots Marketing
The loss of the opportunity that is passed up
in order to receive something in exchange.
Aiden has $100 and he can either buy a ticket
to a Jet Game or an Islander Game.
 If he goes to the Jet Game, the opportunity cost is
the Islander Game.
 If he goes to the Islander Game, the opportunity
cost is the Jet Game.
 If there are more choices than two, the
opportunity cost is still only one item, never all of
The physical development of an area
including the major public systems, services,
and facilities of a country or a region needed
to make a location function.
 Power and Water Supplies
 Public Transportation
 Telecommunications
 Roads
 School
An agreement or contract for a sports
organization to sell a parent company’s good
or service within a given area.
Marketing activities on a local community
 Helping and assisting the community with charity
and fund-raising events.