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2016 EWHA-KMUN Committee Topics
Theme: ‘Embracing Progress’
General Assembly I (Olympic)
 “Building a peaceful and better world through sports and the Olympic ideal”
 “The impact of gender bias in professional sports”
General Assembly II (Paralympic)
 Promoting United Nations Convention on the Rights for Persons with Disabilities
 Sports and persons with disabilities, fostering inclusion and well-being
 Establishing a global standard on regulation protocol regarding the issue of narcotics
 Improving the economic disparity in ethnic enclaves
Human Rights Council I
 Taking steps to lessen the discrimination against Syrian Refugees residing in European and
Oceanian region
 Working towards the elimination of gender disparity and furthering equal opportunity in
education for women in the Middle East
Human Rights Council II
 Defining the legal bounds of homosexual marriage
 Reducing and preventing unjustifiable acts from occurring within the UN peacekeeping forces
Environmental Commission
 Strengthening international cooperation to reduce worldwide CO2 Gas Emissions
 Combatting the spread of the Zika Virus in the South American regions
Six Party Talks
 Finding effective measures to mitigate the heightening development of nuclear weapons in
 Resolving the contentious land dispute regarding the Senkaku Islands between Japan and China
Ad-hoc: Technology
 Administering national cyber-surveillance programs for security and welfare of civilians in said
 Providing affordable and accessible internet connection in LEDCs
 Strengthening measures to effectively obstruct weapon trafficking routes in South America
 Enhancing global efforts in the invention of non-lethal weapons to safely counteract mass
Security Council
 Enhancing preventative measures against ISIL offensives
 Resolving the Burundi-Rwanda conflict