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Figure 4.10: Spencer’s stability charts for different pore pressure ratios (Abramson, 2002)
An iterative process is required to determine the factor of safety. The first iteration assumes a
factor of safety and calculates
, then using the stability charts, the mobilised friction
tan 𝜙
angle can be found. The factor of safety is then equal to tan 𝜙 , if this differs from the assumed
factor of safety then further iterations are required.
Janbu 1968
Janbu (1968) developed stability charts for different cases including stratified soils, cases
where surcharge or tension cracks are present, undrained short-term total stress behaviour,
drained long-term effective stress behaviour, and different water levels outside and inside the
slope (Briaud, 2013). The stability charts for undrained soils are shown here: