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Chapter 6 Section 3
Essential Question
•How do we use rate of change
in real-world applications?
Different Kinds of Slope
How to find slope
•Solve for y so that the equation is y = mx + b
and m is the slope
•M = (y2 – y1) = (x2 – x1) for 2 given points
(x1, y1) and (x2, y2)
•(3, 4) and (8, 6)
•(3, -7) and (-1, 5)
Rate of Change
•The tuition in 2006 was $2,554 and in 2007
was $2,649. What is the rate of change?
•The equation P = 223,500 +174F describes the
relationship between the price of a home P in
dollars and its number of square feet of space
F. What does slope mean here? What does the
y-intercept mean here?