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Role Profile
Role: Supporter Recruitment Manager
Home team: Individual Giving
Purpose of role: Develop and manage fundraising projects/programmes designed to meet
Friends of the Earth’s income targets through direct marketing projects/programmes to
acquire new supporters and to retain and add value to existing supporters; to monitor
performance and make tactical and strategic recommendations to enhance performance.
Reports to: Individual Giving Manager
Required to:
Deliver outcomes:
Needs to have:
Initiate, develop and manage projects in line with the DM strategy, plan and execute
agreed objectives, determining theme and target audience to achieve agreed objectives
such as acquisition/retention of supporters/donors, development of new channels, target
volumes, net contribution and return on investment.
Manage the financial resources of projects; preparing regular financial and non-financial
forecasts and reviews of the activities, acting on variances; manage expenditure to obtain
best value for money and in accordance with Friends of the Earth’s financial policies and
Monitor and analyse outcomes from projects and report regularly on progress and key
learnings, including evaluation of cost effectiveness, levels of potential/acquisition and
Work with other members of the Individual Giving Team to ensure that all communications
with supporters are part of an integrated supporter journey
Work closely with key internal staff to ensure a good flow of content for effective
supporter communications.
Liaise with external agencies to agree all aspects of communications programmes,
providing accurate briefs and ensuring that all copy is signed off appropriately, and that all
communications accurately reflect the FOE brand.
Manage the creative process, enure that the content of all output and materials, verbal and
written, reflect Friends of the Earth’s work and priorities.
A good appreciation of the challenges and issues relating to own area of
Relevant fundraising/direct marketing or consumer marketing
experience, in a business-to-consumer or charity context.
Proven experience of applying skills in recruiting, retaining and
developing supporters/customers in own area of expertise: experience
of customer care and/or customer relationship programmes.
Excellent oral and written skills with the ability to write, evaluate and
proof audience appropriate copy.
Experience in negotiating with others and gaining agreement from
suppliers when necessary, especially with respect to reputation
Experience of strategic, operational budgeting and financial planning:
proven ability to analyse and interpret complex financial, performance
reporting and marketing data and to draw conclusions/make clear
recommendations based on evidence.
Proven organisational, project and time management skills,
demonstrating effective teamworking and supporting others to deliver to
agreed standards.
Knowledge of codes of practice, regulatory framework and complaints
handling to meet FRSB requirements, as appropriate to the specialist
area of work.
Keep abreast of marketing trends and acquisition opportunities, and develop and maintain
a testing programme to ensure that FOE’s supporter acquisition programmes are as costeffective as possible.
Develop and maintain testing programmes for reducing attrition rates amongst all
supporter segments, as part of the supporter journey.
Identify new market segments, develop test programmes for recruiting supporters from
those markets, and roll out where investment returns are sufficiently high.
Focus of expertise:
Required to be Friends of the Earth’s leading specialist in a specialist
area of direct marketing, using specialist knowledge and expertise to
support the delivery of the section’s objectives and targets.
Focus of development:
Keeping abreast of fundraising trends and techniques, relevant
regulatory frameworks and how these might apply to own area of
Work closely with all internal stakeholders to identify other potential groups of supporters
from activist and campaigning groups, develop test programmes and roll out where
investment returns are sufficiently high and internal repercussions are manageable.
Building broader organisational skills, `including project management
Work with other colleagues in fundraising to develop a customer care strategy for different
levels of Friends of the Earth donors.
Each of the Individual Giving Fundraising Officers will need to develop
expertise across each of the following disciplines:
Ensure that, wherever possible, all DM campaigns are integrated into overall fundraising
and organisational campaigns, and that they are consistent with the activities of other
parts of the organisation
Face to Face Donor Acquisition
Donor Acquisition
Digital Fundraising
Donor Development
Ensure that the projects meet overall direct marketing strategy objectives, liaising with the
Individual Giving Manager and fundraising/Individual Giving colleagues as required to
ensure fit with other core strategic activities and/or campaigns.
Responsible for delivering tasks agreed in project teams, prioritising between work arising
from project(s) and other work, and working together with other project team members to
meet project objectives in accordance with project management guidelines.
Develop others:
Support less experienced team members to develop a better working knowledge of
specialist direct marketing activities.
Recruit volunteers including intern or placement students, government-sponsored trainee
schemes and train, supervise and review their work.
May have delegated authority for allocating and managing the work of other staff or
Build relationships:
Represent Friends of the Earth externally to supporters and marketing agencies on matters
relating to the section’s activities.
Development will include project management, developing creative
briefs, agency management, management of effective communication
messages, donor care, maximising conversion rates and new donor
Liaise with and maintain good relationships with external agencies, external consultants
and the Supporter Services team at Luton to ensure effective implementation of
recruitment and fundraising programmes.
Liaise with colleagues elsewhere in fundraising, communications and campaigns to ensure
that fundraising effort reflects Friends of the Earth’s strategic priorities.
Ideas and solutions:
Research latest fundraising developments and fundraising techniques that relate to own
area of work in order to maximise effectiveness of direct marketing activities.
Contribute to the development of the direct marketing strategy and planning, including
assisting the Individual Giving Manager in preparing and agreeing income and expenditure
forecast budgets and targets, and monitoring and tracking results.
Career stage: Specialist
Levels: 1 – 7, reference at 6