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What is Public
Chapters 1 and 2
What Do You Think?
• Pick a Partner
• Scenario on p. 3 in text
• Create definition; what are key elements?
• Cellphone research and consider readings
• Revisit definition and share
What is PR?
• Keywords
Public interest
Two-way communication
Strategic management of competition and conflict
What is PR?
• Multifaceted
• Important skills: “written and interpersonal communication,
research, negotiation, creativity, logistics, facilitation, and
problem solving” (p. 4)
• Popular field
• Includes media coverage + “research and analysis, policy
formation, programming, communication, and feedback from
numerous publics” (p. 6)
• Publics = stakeholders
• Practitioners – 2 Levels
• Adviser
• Technician
What is PR?
• Practitioner as advocate for client
• A process  result
• R.A.C.E.
• Research, Action, Communication, Evaluation
• Linking agents and boundary spanners
• Various components (p. 10)
• Examples: media relations, research, community relations,
issue management, special events
• Contributes to the bottom line (p. 19)
• The same as marketing, advertising, and journalism?
Journalism vs. PR
• Scope
• Objectives
Gather info – provide news to
Objective observer
• Audiences
Mass audience
General public
• Channels
Less variety
Public Relations
• Scope
Journalism as part (remember
components and definitions)
• Objectives
PR as advocate
Inform AND change attitudes and
• Audiences
Segmented audiences
• Channels
More variety (ex: media outlets,
direct mail, special events)
Advertising vs. pr
• Using mass media
• “Works almost exclusively
through mass media outlets”
(p. 14)
• Buy media space
• More control
• More costly
• Uses media and other
communication tools
• Prepare package – send to
media outlets – media decides
• Audience
• External publics (consumers)
• External and internal publics
• Function and scope
• Specialized communication
• Primary function: sell
• Broader scope
• Primary function: help org.
thrive (refer to components)
• Can influence each other
Marketing VS. PR
• Similarities?
• Concerned with organization’s relationships, success, and economic survival
• Similar communication tools
• Differences?
• Marketing
Concerned with customers and selling
Make money and increase demand
“Build and maintain market” (p. 15)
Target markets, consumers, customers
• PR
Concerned with relationships (multiple publics) and goodwill
Build relationships – save money – help fulfill mission
“Build and maintain hospitable environment” (p. 15)
Publics, audiences, stakeholders
• Related?
Marketing + PR
• PR as 5th P of Marketing (Kotler)
• Marketing communications
• Marketing PR (Harris)
• PR’s Market Support Function: “The most important of
these [objectives] are to inform and educate, to gain
understanding, to build trust, to make friends, to give
people reason’s to buy, and finally, to create a climate of
consumer acceptance” (p. 17)
• Ties with Wilcox’s eight points (example: developing
• Advertising, marketing, public relations
• Strategic communication, integrated marketing
communications, convergent communications,
integrated communication
• Fueling the trend
Downsizing and reengineering org
Tighter budgets
Impact of advertising
Impact of public and social issues on marketing