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What are the alternatives to play therapy?
As Jodi has pointed out, Play therapy is well suited to younger children who have not yet developed the vocabulary to adequately
express their emotions and difficulties. But for older children, adolescents and adults, other therapies would serve them better. So
what do we offer?
Kerrin uses a largely narrative approach, with an eclectic view coloured by her love for other approaches such as humanistic therapy,
person-centred therapy, logotherapy, existentialism, gestalt therapy , as well as social and family dynamics.
What does this mean? Very simplistically, it means that she works from the perspective of the client being the expert in his/ her life.
She uses and approach of respectful questioning to get to the bottom of “naming and taming” the “problem”. Narrative therapy is a
very effective, short-term, non-invasive way of re-examining the problems people face and helping them to find solutions that work
for them in their everyday lives with the resources available to them. It helps the client to discover their strengths and explore new
ways for talking about their lives that empower and assist them, rather than the common mistake of blaming people (or people
blaming themselves) for the problems, or the inability to solve those problems, that they experience. In short, we work together to
re-tell your life story in a more meaningful way and find resources to help resolve the issues that brought you to therapy in the first
Still not sure if you’ve found the right person to assist?
With their combined experience and contacts in the mental health field and circles in Cape Town, Jodi and Kerrin offer a consulting
service. We can meet with you, assess your needs and those of your children and family as a whole, and refer you to the correct
person / people, to get you the right help, first time. We understand that it is a confusing minefield of professionals out there and
being referred from one to the next, and the next, can be frustrating and costly. We’d like to try help limit that frustration for you.
For more info or to book a consultation / session, please call Kerrin at 079 955 4101
Kerrin holds a BA degree in Psychology and Criminology, as well as a BA Honours degree in Psychology and BPsych equivalence in Trauma Counselling.
In the latter half of 2011 she will be pursuing her BPsych equivalence in Psychometrics.
Kerrin started her mental health career at the Schizophrenia Foundation, an NPO offering support and referral services to people with Schizophrenia
and their families, as well as information services to the media and general public.
She then moved to Cape Town and joined the Mental Health Information Centre at the University of Stellenbosch and the Cross Brain Behaviour Institute at UCT.
Since 2006 Kerrin has been managing a private psychology practice in the Southern Suburbs of Cape Town.
While completing her psychology studies, Kerrin also worked in corporate related to Market Research and Publishing.
In 2009 Kerrin obtained her registration as a Counsellor in Private Practice, after completing a 12 month internship in Trauma Counselling
through the traumaClinic in Kenilworth and CASE in Hanover Park.
Kerrin has a specific interest in helping adolescents and young adults deal with life transition phases and career choices.
She also does individual therapy with adults, couples therapy, and group psycho-education with adolescents.
She also has an interest in assisting siblings and parents of children diagnosed with autism, ADD/ADHD, bipolar, etc.
Contact: 079 955 4101