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AP Psychology Application Cover Sheet
Name of student:
Student BASD email address:
Current Social Studies teacher:
Thank you for considering this course. While this course is
extremely challenging, it is very rewarding. It also enables you, if
you apply yourself, the ability to receive college credit. This
college credit can be earned in two ways: 1) excelling on the
college-board AP exam and/or 2) signing up, through me, for
University of Pittsburgh college credit. Both types of credit can be
utilized in multiple colleges and university across the country.
Please note the following due dates below:
*** You will be notified, formally, via your school email address
of your acceptance (or not) into this AP course by February 14th.
Make sure you include your school email account on this
paperwork and check your email!!
If you have any questions please come see me in Room 119.
I look forward to meeting you in the near future.
Note: There will be a summer reading & writing assignment that is
due on the 1st day of the 2017-2018 school year. Failure to
complete and turn in this assignment on its due date will result in
your automatic expulsion from the course. All those registering,
and being accepted to this course are therefore, agreeing to this
course policy.
Return completed application to Mrs. Morris in rm 119.
Oral interviews will be held if more information is
Part I
Write a one-page application letter detailing 3-5 reasons why you want
to take the course and what you intend to achieve by the end of the
Part II
Multiple choice questions – The following questions are actual AP test
questions. Using your knowledge of basic psychology, please answer the
questions below. Look online (google, etc.) to help you out if needed.
1. The scientific investigation of mental processes and behavior is
a. Biology
b. Psychology
c. Cognition
d. Scientific method
e. Research
2. Hunger and eating are primarily regulated by the
a. Somatosensory cortex
b. Hypothalamus
c. Medulla oblongata
d. Occipital lobes
e. Amygdale
3. Abraham Maslow proposed which of the following approaches to
understanding motivation?
a. Homeostatic regulation
b. Goal-setting
c. Expectancy-value
d. Cognitive dissonance
e. Hierarchy of needs
4. Individuals in which of the following occupations will be
potentially LEAST likely to be susceptible to health problems as a
result of disrupted circadian rhythms?
a. Shift nurse
b. Police officer
c. Flight attendant
d. Medical resident
e. College professor
5. B.F. Skinner was well known for his work involving the
a. Biological perspective
b. Behavioral perspective
c. Cognitive perspective
d. Psychoanalytic perspective
e. Humanistic perspective
6. What is the 1st stage in Hans Selye’s general adaptation syndrome?
a. activation
b. resistance
c. exhaustion
d. alarm
e. observation
7. How many items can you hold in your memory at one time?
a. three
b. five
c. seven
d. nine
e. unlimited
8. Which psychologist could be called the father of operant
a. John Watson
b. Ivan Pavlov
c. William James
d. Carl Rogers
e. B.F. Skinner
9. The balanced physiological state we are driven to attain by satisfying
our needs is called
a. equilibrium
b. homeostasis
c. self-actualization
d. primary satisfaction
e. secondary satisfaction
10. A man reports that he is seeing things that, in fact, are not there is
a. hallucinations
b. delusions
c. sensory confusion
d. inappropriate adaptation
e. compulsions
Part III: Answer the following question.
A. Define each of the following terms:
- Superego
- Level of moral development (choose one – preconventional,
conventional, post-conventional – look up Kohlberg)
- Conformity
- Deindividuation
- Modeling
B. Discuss how each of the factors (in A) helps determine whether
or not an adolescent wearing a Halloween costume and mask
will damage property if he doesn’t get the treats he asks for
when “trick or treating” on Halloween.
Note – AP Psychology essays do not require an introduction or
conclusion. All answers need to be in sentence format. Define
each term (underline the term) and then for each term apply letter
B (Halloween).
Example: Jeremiah used his rods (night time vision) to navigate
to another house that had a bowl of candy on the front porch
instead of getting in trouble for destroying property.
Yours in Psychology,
Mrs. Morris