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AP Psychology
Chapter 1 Part II: Research Methods
Terms Study Guide
You should be able to identify who these people are – what are they known for in Psychology!
Key People
Jane Goodall
Phineas Gage
Baby Albert
You should be able to define/explain/and provide an example for the following terms. In
addition, for the perspectives you MUST be able to analyze and situation and identify the
perspective and/or create your own.
Key Terms/Concepts
Independent variable
Dependent variable
Operational definition
Random sample/selection
Stratified sample
Random assignment
Confounding variable
Experimenter bias (similar to observer bias)
Observer effect and Hawthorne Effect
Single blind procedure
Double blind procedure
Placebo effect
Correlations – positive and negative
Survey method
Case study
Naturalistic observation
Longitudinal study
Cross sectional study
Cohort sequential study
Threats to internal validity
Descriptive statistics
Inferential statistics
Measures of central tendency mean, median, mode
Measures of variability standard deviation, variance,
Illusory correlation
z score
Normal cure/normal distribution
Correlation coefficient
Scatter plot
Frequency polygon/bar graph
Ethics in research- IRB, coercion,
anonymity, debriefing
AP Psychology
Chapter 1 Part II: Research Methods
Terms Study Guide