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Social Psychology
Social Psychology
The study of how individual’s
thoughts, feelings, perceptions,
motives, and behaviors are
influenced by interactions and
transactions between people
Studying Social Psychology
• Social Rules: Formal guidelines for
behavior in social settings
• Social Roles: Socially defined patterns of
behavior that are expected of a person
functioning in a given group or setting
• Social Norms: Learned rules of a culture
that dictate what to do and what not to do
Studying Social Psychology
• Reference Group: The formal of informal
groups from which individuals derive
attitudes and standards of acceptable and
appropriate behavior
• Conformity: The tendency of people to adopt
the behavior and opinions presented by other
group members
• Hawthorne Effect: Attention from others is
sufficient to change the way we think, feel,
and behave.
Altruism and Helping
• Helping Behavior: An act intended to
benefit another person.
• Altruism: A subtype of helping behavior
driven by an unselfish concern with another
person’s welfare.