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Course Description
This class is a one semester elective course. Students will be introduced to the study of our
behavioral and mental processes. We will explore topics such as the history of psychology, the
biological basis of behavior, psychological disorders, memory, learning, personality,
psychological development and social psychology.
Course Objectives – We will explore the following topics of study:
 Prominent contributors to the study of psychology
 Research methods of psychology
 Basic functions of the human brain
 States of human consciousness
o Sleep patterns and dreams
 Principles of Learning
o Classical Conditioning
o Operant Conditioning
o Cognitive Psychology and Learning
 Memory
 Intelligence and Creativity
 Theories of Personality
 Mental Disorders
o Treatment and Therapies
 Social Psychology
o Interaction
o Cognition
Required Materials
 Textbook – Principles of Psychology – (Glencoe: McGraw-Hill)
 Notebook
 Student Planner
 Pen or pencil
Student Requirements
Maintain good attendance and be on time
Complete all assigned readings
Complete homework assignments
Participate in class discussions
Earn a minimum average of 65% on all tests and quizzes (lowest score of each will be thrown
Keep electronic devices stowed at ALL appropriate times
Maintain a good attitude and BE CURIOUS
Teacher Contact Info
After class hours I can be reached in room 1428 before school between 7:00-7:30, and after
school from 2:00-3:30. I am always available during class for your questions, concerns or
comments. You can email me at [email protected]
The study of psychology is a subject that everyone will find interesting. In this class we will be
studying ourselves, what motivates us, makes us happy/sad, angry, etc. and why. It is
important during this time to be respectful of everyone’s contributions. Due to the nature of
the subject, class discussions can veer into fascinating and sometimes personal territory. If one
of your classmates shares something that might seem odd or out of the ordinary, keep in mind,
that if we dig deep enough we’re all pretty weird. For some of us, we don’t even need to dig all
that deep. You know who you are. At any rate, the point is to keep an open and safe
environment in class in order for everyone to get as much as possible out of the class.