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Digestive System
Q.1 How long is an adult’s small intestine?
A) 22 feet
B) 30 inches
C) 30 miles
D) 17 feet
Q.2 The digestive process starts in the:
A) Stomach
B) Esophagus
C) Mouth
D) Bathroom
Q.3 The liver’s role is to:
A) Mash up food
B) Turn water into food
C) Help the stomach
D) Remove harmful substances from the blood
Q.4 When they reach the stomach, mashed-up food particles mix with:
A) Guava juice
B) Gastric juices
C) Mucus
D) Bile
Q.5 Bile is made in the:
A) Large intestine
B) Stomach
C) Liver
D) All of the above
Digestive System
Q.6 What does the digestive system do?
A) Breaks down and handles food
B) Pumps blood throughout the body
C) Helps you breathe
D) Helps your arms and legs move
Q.7 Your food can spend up to this long in the small intestine:
A) 4 minutes
B) 4 months
C) 4 seconds
D) 4 hours
Q.8 What tube moves food from the back of your throat to the stomach?
A) Epiglottis
B) Esophagus
C) Feeding tube
D) Pharynx
Q.9 Which organs help with the absorption of nutrients?
A) Pancreas, liver, and gall bladder
B) Liver, heart, and spleen
C) Gall bladder, kidneys, and appendix
D) Kidneys, liver, and bladder
Q.10 The large intestine measures about:
A) 1 foot long
B) 10 feet long
C) 5 feet long
D) 100 feet long