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The body system
The mouth is the first thing you use in the
digestive system
► Is
commonly know as the gullet
► It is an organ in vetebrates
► The
liver contains 96% of water
► The liver cleans your blood
► The
stomach is muscular hollow
► It functions an important part of the
digestive system
Gall bladder
► Is
a small organ in the digestive system
mainly containing fat
► Also concentrates bile produced by the liver
► Is
a glandular organ in the digestive system
► It is an organ in digestive system and the
► Food
are cut into tiny things that are
turned into energy
► When we are born we are given a limited
amount of enzymes
► Bile
is a fluid released by the liver and
stored in the gallbladder
► It is a fluid containing water
► Mucus
is a slippery secreation produced by
a covering
Chemical digestion
► It
breaks down food into compounds
► Proteins are turned into amino acids
Large intestine
► When
all the food passes down the large
intestine all that is left is water and waste
► When the food passes down your colon all
that is left is stool
► Is
a blind tube connected to the cecum
Small intestine
► Proteins
are changed into amino acid
► Fats are turned into fatty acid
Mechanical digestion
Is what begins at the mouth
It is another digestion is penristalsis
Salivary amylase
► It
is an enzyme that catalyses that breaks
down food into starch sugar
► Amylase is human salivea
► The
structure of the small intestine is lined
with villi
► It
allows the stomach
► It allows streams of blood and fats to travel
though the lymphatic system
Gastric juices
► it
is produced by cells the stomach which
are into systems
► It
is the first part in the small intestine
► It is located in the stomach and the middle
of the small intestine
► Is
the semifluid mass of partly di