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Directions: Please read the article and answer the questions.
1. Define digestion.
2. What begins to form in your mouth even before you start to eat?
3. Explain what saliva and the tongue do to help you digest?
4. What is a bolus?
5. What is the esophagus? How long is it?
6. What is the esophagus responsible for?
7. Draw a picture below of the diagram of the esophagus, liver, gall bladder, large & small intestine,
stomach, and pancreas found in the article (do your best)
8. What does it mean when someone says their food or drink “went down the wrong way”?
9. How long does it take for food to go from the esophagus to the stomach?
10. What are the three important jobs of the stomach?
11. What helps the stomach mash up all of the food you eat into small pieces? (There are two specific
12. What do gastric juices do in the stomach?
13. How long is the small intestine? Where does it belong in the digestive system?
14. What is the small intestine’s job?
15. How long does food stay in your small intestine?
16. What does the liver do?
17. How big is the large intestine?
18. Define appendix.
19. Part of the large intestine is the colon. Explain what the colon does.
20. Give me two ways to care for your digestive system.
21. What are examples of foods that are high in fiber?