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The Digestive System
Precy Acacio
Parts of the Digestive System
We need food to stay
alive, healthy, and to
Food contains nutrientsproteins, sugars, fats,
vitamins, minerals, and
water-that give us energy
and help us grow.
Our bodies must break
down food so we can use
its nutrients. This
process is digestion.
Digestion starts in the
mouth. We chew
food to break it down.
Saliva softens it.
Our tongue then
pushes food to the
After swallowing, the
chewed food travels
down the food tube,
or esophagus.
Muscles in the
esophagus squeeze
the food down into the
Muscles and powerful
juices in the stomach
further mash and
break down the food
and turn it into a
paste similar to
mashed potatoes.
Small Intestine
After mashing the food,
the stomach then
squeezes the paste into
the coiled-up small
More juices mix with the
food until it is completely
broken down.
The parts of the food that
the body can use are
absorbed into the
Large Intestine
The unusable parts of
the food move into
the large intestine
where we release
them from the body
as solid waste.
Liquid waste is filtered
from the blood by the
kidneys and is
released from the
body as urine.
The End