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Digestive System - Easy Quiz
3. What happens to food AFTER it gets
broken down in the stomach?
A. It gets mixed with saliva.
B. It moves into the stomach.
1. Which part of the
digestive system does
the picture show?
C. It goes to the small intestine.
D. It travels down the esophagus.
A. large intestine
B. small intestine
4. Where does digestion start?
C. esophagus
A. in your esophagus
D. stomach
B. in your mouth
C. in your stomach
D. in your intestines
5. An ORGAN is a body part that does a
special job. Which part is an ORGAN?
2. Which is a long tube
that connects your throat
and stomach?
A. esophagus
B. intestines
C. tongue
D. saliva
A. stomach
B. protein
C. saliva
D. nutrients