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Study Guide
World War II
1. Roosevelt and Soviet government
2. Roosevelt and Latin America
3. American exports to Latin America
4. Adolph Hitler
5. Senator Gerald Nye
6. American “isolationism”
7. Italy invades Ethiopia (1935)
8. Congress passes Neutrality Act
9. Impact of arms embargo
10. U.S. oil shipments to Italy
11. Spanish Republic (1936)
12. Francisco Franco
13. International brigades
14. Germany and Italy and Franco
15. U.S., Britain and France and Spanish Republic
16. German militarism & imperialism
17. German policy toward Jewish minority
18. U.S. policy toward Germany
19. Nazi-Soviet Pact (1939)
20. Germany invaded Poland
21. Repeal of arms embargo section of Neutrality Act
22. Phony war
23. German Blitzkrieg on France (April 1940)
24. Battle of Britain
25. Roosevelt and “Lend-Lease”
26. U.S. virtually at war with Germany
27. German invasion of Soviet Union (June 1941)
28. Japan’s master plan for East Asia
29. Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor
30. Did Roosevelt know?
31. Pearl Harbor syndrome
32. War economy
33. Home front
34. Organized labor
35. War Labor Board
36. Taxes and bonds
37. Japanese Americans
38. Mexican Americans
39. African Americans
40. A.P. Randolph (MOWM, 1941)
41. Native Americans
42. Women
43. Lend Lease to Soviets
44. Battle of Stalingrad
45. Soviet losses
46. Soviet call for western front
47. D-Day invasion (June 1944)
48. Italy and Poland
49. Race for Berlin
50. Allies meet on the Elbe
51. Battle of Midway
52. Island hopping
53. Fire bombings
54. Yalta Conference
55. Manhattan Project
56. Bombing of Hiroshima & Nagasaki
57. Cold War