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Unit10, World War II
Need to Know (multiple choice, in no particular order)...
 main effect of Executive Order 9066
 Supreme Court Cases:
◦ United States v O'Brien
◦ United States v Eichman
◦ Korematsu v United States
◦ Abrams et al v United States
 Zoot Suit Riots
 response of President Roosevelt to A. Philip Randolph's threat to organize a protest march by
African Americans on Washington,DC in 1941
 Allied powers
 Axis powers
 D-Day (who, what, when, where)
 V-E Day
 Battle of the Bulge
 Battle of the Atlantic
 which government: promoted extreme nationalism and racism, called for territorial expansion to
create “living space”, abolished civil liberties, and forcibly eliminated all opposition?
◦ fascist Italy?
◦ Nazi Germany?
◦ Militaristic Japan?
◦ Communist USSR?
 the Munich Pact 1938
 appeasement policy
 which event caused Great Britain and France to declare war against Germany:
◦ Germany's seizure of the Sudetenland?
◦ Germany's political union with Austria?
◦ Germany's occupation of the Rhineland?
◦ Germany's invasion of Poland?
 Atlantic Charter
 Double V campaign
 Lend-Lease Act
 Selective Training and Service Act
 Battle of Britain
 7 December 1941 – Japan's surprise attack on a US naval base in Pearl Harbor
 How did the federal government try to curb public consumption of food and fuel during World
War II?
 What did Nazis decide was the “final solution” to the “Jewish question”?
 Allied military leapfrogging campaign in the Pacific
 What prompted Japan to surrender to the Allies on 14 August 1945?
◦ the Doolittle raid on Tokyo?
◦ the Battle of Okinawa?
◦ Hiroshima and Nagasaki atomic bomb attacks?
◦ Japanese cities being fire-bombed?
World Bank
United Nations
League of Nations
International Monetary Fund
the World Court
the Geneva Conventions
the Nuremberg War Crimes Trials
the UN International Criminal Tribunal
How did the Allies deal with Japan after World War II?
GI Bill of Rights
Manhattan Project
War Production Board
What was the situation for many women who worked in war-related industries, after World War
need to know (analyzing sources)...
 List the Four Freedoms that Roosevelt described in his 1941 message to Congress.
 Match each of Roosevelt's Four Freedoms to at least one of the goals stated in the Preamble to
the United Nations Charter.