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The Great Depression and the Second World War
In waging war against Japan, the United States relied mainly ion a strategy of
Roosevelt torpedoes the London Economic conference of 1933 because
Seeking to withdrawal from overseas commitments and colonial expense, the United States in 1934 promised future
independence to
Roosevelt’s Good Neighbor Policy toward Latin America included
The Atlantic Charter was an agreement between
What did economist John Maynard Keynes say was necessary to restart the economy during the Depression?
The main function of the Office of War Mobilization during the Second World War was to
What was the main function of President Roosevelt’s Executive Order 9066?
Which of the following battles is considered to be a turning point in the Pacific Campaign during World War II?
The internment of Japanese-Americans began for all of the reasons listed except
Which was not a reason for the hatred many felt toward the Japanese during the war?
Many observers would later be critical of the Yalta Conference for all of the following except
The main purpose of the Lend-Lease Program was to
In response to the Japanese invasion of Manchuria in 1931, the United States
Due to the forceful advancement of the Japanese military, General Douglas MacArthur was forced to withdraw from ·
The main goal of the America First Committee was to
The Nazi Party was an extreme example of what political ideology?
The United States did little to stop the spread of Hitler and Nazi Germany in the late 1930s because
Americans continued to crave diversions during WWII and went on large numbers to see all but which of the following
As World War II began for the United States in 1941, President Roosevelt
Japanese-Americans were placed in internment camps during World War II because
When the United States entered WW II in December 1941
a) assigned priorities with respect to the use of raw materials and transportation facilities
b) controlled inflation by rationing essential goods
c) imposed ceilings on wage increases
d) saw to it that no hiring discrimination practices were used against blacks seeking employment in war industries
War production board
Office of Price Administration
War Labor Board
Fair Employment Practices Commission
The employment of more than six million women in American industry during World War II led to
African Americans did all of the following during WW II except
During WW II, American Indians
The first naval battle in history in which all the fighting was done by carrier based aircraft was the battle of
The tide of Japanese conquest in the Pacific was turned following the Battle of
Neutrality acts provided
The cash and carry Neutrslity Act was cleverly designed to
The Lend Lease Act clearly marked
The provisions of the Atlantic Charter in 1941 provided
The key issue in the failed negotiations with Japan just before Pearl Harbor was
What was the Allied strategy in the Second World War?
The Allied invasion of Normandy, France, was code-named
The purpose of the Manhattan Project was to
President Roosevelt attempted to address racial inequality in government jobs by creating the
During the Second World War, Tehran, Yalta, and Potsdam were
The Japanese officially surrendered by signing a treaty
Nagasaki- second
Fat man
Little boy
Unconditional surrender
Island hopping
Wartime inflation
Women in US workforce
Fair employment practices commission
A. Philip Randolph
Native Americans
Executive Order 9066
Battle of the Bulge
Great Migration
Guam and Marianas Islands