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Mr. White’s US History 1
Question #1
Establishing fixed allotments of
goods deemed essential for the
military was known as
A. Rationing
B. Limiting
C. Expanding
D. Minimizing
Question #2
 This board decided which companies would convert
from peacetime to wartime production and allocated
raw materials to key industries.
The War Production Board
The Massive Production Board
The Consumer Production Board
The Utility Production Board
Question #3
 Women made many contributions to the war effort
of the United States in World War II. One of their
biggest contributions to the war effort was:
Serving in support positions as clerks or secretaries
Assisting military medical staff as nurses
Working in war industries and factories
All of the above were ways that women contributed
to the United States’ war effort
Question #4
 African Americans faced a great deal of discrimination in
the United States during World War II, but many still
chose to serve the United States. One of the
discriminatory practices that African Americans
experienced in World War II was that they were:
Forced to serve in the most dangerous combat roles
Not allowed to serve in combat roles until late in the war
Put into concentration camps within the United States
Not allowed to serve in the military at all
Question #5
 The War Production Board, as its name suggests,
was an organization in the federal government
whose task it was to coordinate resources and
production for the war effort. One of the measures
that the War Production board supported was:
A. Rationing of important war materials and consumer
B. Discouraging Americans from producing their own
C. Communal farming based on the Soviet model
D. Developing the atomic bomb
Question #6
 President Franklin Roosevelt’s Executive Order 9066
allowed the American government to displace and intern
Japanese immigrants and American citizens of Japanese
descent. Roosevelt’s primary reason for doing this was
A. Hold these people as hostages to discourage Japanese
imperial aggression
B. Prevent these people from spying on the American west
C. Employ these people as laborers in war industries
D. Recruit these people as soldiers into the United States
Question #7
 The United States government used many different
strategies to bring the country to full mobilization,
and bring all of the country’s resources into
supporting the war effort. On the next slide, please
choose all that are strategies that the United States
government used to mobilize.
Question #8
A. Rationing of consumer goods
B. Scrapping and waste collection
C. Drafting adult males
D. Internment of civilians such as the Japanese
E. Repealing the 18th amendment and
F. Issuing war bonds