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VOCAB HELP ON THE 3 PRIMARY SOURCES: Nazism Aryan -­‐ Hitler gets his history off a little on this. The Aryans were a people who originated in what today is southern Russia. They were the descendants not only of Europeans, but also of Persians and Indians. prototype – The original test model for something Prometheus – in Greek mythology, he stole fire from the gods and brought it to mankind expurgate -­‐ to censor; to delete things that are morally offensive Fascism repudiate – reject with intense disapproval Japanese ‘Way’ intrinsically -­‐ by the heart of one’s nature fountainhead – source implicitly – absolutely, without question august -­‐ most esteemed and honorable martial -­‐ warlike bushido – Samurai code of conduct: obedience to authority, fighting to the death in battle in order to preserve the honor of one’s family; requires ritualistic suicide in the face of failure or disgrace intuitive – known without conscious reasoning aesthetic – concerned with beauty to assimilate – when you intentionally take something external and make it part of you (the Japanese willingly absorbed the scholarship of the West) to infiltrate – to become part of something, secretively or against its wishes (individualistic concepts filtered into the Japanese as a negative by-­‐product of Western scholarship) polity – organized society