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Name: ______________________
For each clue, put the correct answer.
Chapter 13; Section 4
____________________: Women were forbidden to learn this
____________________: Capital of Japan
____________________: hoh ki doh
____________________: First Japanese Dynasty
____________________: hahn shoo
____________________: Missionaries from Korea introduced this to Japan
____________________: Wrote The Pillow Book
____________________: Japanese adopted this type of architecture
____________________: Because of the distance from this place, they could have
selective borrowing of customs/traditions influenced from here
____________________: Helped to preserve its identity (Japan)
____________________: Phonetic symbols representing syllables
____________________: Japanese never accepted this to choose officials
____________________: Symbol of beauty and majesty of nature
____________________: Largest Japanese island
____________________: This book is the world’s first novel
____________________: The Yamato symbol
____________________: Clan gods & goddesses
____________________: kee OO shoo
____________________: Japanese went to China to do this
____________________: Chain of islands
____________________: Japan is about this size
____________________: Pacific region with frequent earthquakes and volcanoes
____________________: Major industry in Japan
____________________: Imperial Capital
____________________: Governed court ceremony
____________________: This prince wanted to create an orderly society
____________________: shee KOH koo
____________________: Each had its own chief and god/goddess
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