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Living Things and Their
• Organism…Obtains
food, water, shelter
and other things it
needs to live, grow,
and reproduce from its
• Habitat…An
environment that
provides the things
that an organism needs
to live, grow, and
Biotic Factors
• The living parts of a
habitat are the Biotic
• Example….Prairie dog
interacting with plants,
grasses, hawks ferrets,
badgers and eagles
Abiotic Factors
• Non living parts of an
organisms habitat are the
Abiotic Factors
• Examples… Water,
sunlight, temperature,
oxygen, soil
• Photosynthesis…
Process by which plants
make food and oxygen
from Carbon Dioxide
Levels of Organization
• Species… A group of
organisms that are
physically similar and
can mate with each
other and produce
fertile offspring
Levels of Organization
• Population…
Members of one
particular species that
live in a particular area
Levels of Organization
• Community… All of
the different
populations that live
together in an area
• Insects, reptiles
mammals, plants
Levels of Organization
• Ecosystem… Both the
biotic and abiotic parts
of a community in a
particular area
• Ecology…The study
of how living things
interact with each
other and their