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Are Exotic Plant Invaders All That Bad?
Prior Knowledge Assessment
Matching: Match the key term to the definition:
A. Biome
B. Population
C. Organism
D. Community
E. Biosphere
F. Ecosystem
1. ____________ Made up of organisms of the same species living and reproducing together
2. ____________ Many of these together make up biomes
3. ____________ The layer of the earth that supports life.
4. ____________ Made up of populations that live and interact in the same area
5. ____________ Made up of several ecosystems
6. ____________ Many of these living and reproducing together make up populations
Biotic vs. Abiotic: Living or once living organisms are called Biotic Factors, while abiotic factors are the
non-living portions of the environment. Label the Biotic Factors B and the Abiotic Factors A.
7. __________Water
12. __________Rain
8. __________Trees
13. __________Bacteria
9. __________Soil
14. __________Dogs
10. __________Clouds
15. __________Mushrooms
11. __________Seeds
16. __________Paper
Short Answer:
17. Are all exotic plant species also invasive? Explain.
18. List some characteristics of a wetland:
19. Name some factors that might limit an organisms ability to survive: