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IB Bio Scavenger
Pd. 3
 The plant in the
picture produces its
own food using
 The cat feeds on
other organisms, and
cannot provide its
own nourishment.
 The ant on the leaf is
protected by a
skeleton on the
outside of its body
Biotic Factor
The plants in the
picture are living
organisms, making
them biotic factors in
their ecosystem.
Abiotic Factor
 The rocks and water
are not alive,
therefore they are
abiotic factors.
 The dogs in the
picture are all of that
specific species in
that area at that time.
Exotic Species
 The plant in the
picture is not native
to the habitat it is
pictured in
Evidence of Different
Alleles For the Same Trait
 The dogs in the
picture have different
colored fur even
though they are the
same species, born
from the same litter
from the same
Woody Stem
 The tree trunk is a
large plant stem
protected by a hard
bark covering.
 The red part of the
flower is the male
reproductive organ of
the plant