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Vocabulary #4
1. Ecology - scientific study of interactions between organisms and their environment
2. Parsitism - symbiotic relationship in which one organism benefits at the expense of
another, usually another species.
3. Ecosystm - interactions among populations in a community, the community's physical
surroundings or abiotic factors.
4. Niche - role of position a species has in its environment; included all biotic and abiotic
interactions as an animal meets its needs for survival and reproduction.
5. Habitat - place where an organism lives out its life.
6. Symbiosis - permanent, close association between two or more organisms of different
7. Mutualism - a symbiotic relationship in which both species benefit.
8. Biomas - the total mass or weight of all living matter in a given area.
9. Autotroph - organisms that use energy from the sun or energy stored in chemical
compounds to manufacture their own nutrients.
10. Population - group of organisms all of the same species, which interbreed and live in the
same, place a t the same time.