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Symbiotic Relationship A relationship of mutual benefit or dependence. can vary between
mutualism, commensalism, and parasitism, though these grade into
each other, and it is often difficult to tell which is involved in a given
Mutualism An association between two organisms ofdifferent species in which each
member benefits.
Parasitism A symbiotic relationship between two organisms of different species in
which one organismbenefits and the other is generally harmed.
Commensalism A symbiotic relationship between two organisms of different species in
which one derivesbenefit without harming the other.
a relationship between two species of animal in a community, in which
one (the predator) hunts, kills, and eats the other.
is an interaction between organisms or species, in which the fitness of
one is lowered by the presence of another.
Food Web
A food web consists of all the food chains in a single ecosystem. Each
living thing in an ecosystem is part of multiple food chains.
Food Chain A food chain shows how each living thing gets food, and how nutrients
and energy are passed from creature to creature.
Prey the animal/organism being hunted and eaten