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National 5 Unit 3 Revision
1. What is biodiversity?
2. What are biotic factors and give some examples?
3. What are abiotic factors and give some examples?
4. What is an ecosystem?
5. What is a habitat?
6. Explain deforestation.
7. Explain desertification.
8. What is predation?
9. What is a biome?
10. What causes thermal pollution?
11. Describe how acid rain forms.
12. What is a niche?
13. How is energy lost in a food chain?
14. What is a producer?
15. What is a consumer?
16. What is the difference between a primary and secondary
17. What does a pyramid of biomass show?
18. What does a pyramid of numbers show?
19. What does a pyramid of energy show?
20. Describe and/or draw the nitrogen cycle.
21. What role do bacteria play in the nitrogen cycle?
22.What do animals of the same species compete for?
23. What do animals of different species compete for?
24. What do plants compete for?
25. What is intraspecific competition?
26. What is interspecific competitoon?
27. Describe and draw how you would set up a pitfall trap.
28. Describe how you would use quadrats to sample an area.
29. Describe how you would use tree beating to sample and area.
30. What is a mutation?
31. What is a mutagenic agent?
32. Describe what natural selection is.
33. Describe what adaptations a desert plant may exhibit.
34. What is a species?
35. Describe how speciation occurs.
36. What is a monoculture?
What is intensive farming?
What is a herbicide?
What is a pesticide?
What is an insecticide?
What are genetically modified crops?
What are the advantages and disadvantages of GM crops.
Why do we use fertilisers?
What is an indicator species?