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Pyramid assignment for ecology
DUE _________________________
Look at the handout showing pictures and descriptions of three kinds of ecological
pyramid: the energy one, the biomass one, and the pyramid of numbers.
I’d like you to find a way to model ONE of these pyramids using actual materials such as
bags of rice, toy animals, etc. Another way to show the principle we’re studying would be
to make a cut-out collage of images for one pyramid. If you chose this method I’d like it
to be in color and take up at least a full 8 ½” x 11” sheet of paper or cardboard. You may
not illustrate the exact same organisms in the pictures in the book or this handout. You
can go online and look at other ecosystems such as coral reefs, jungles, deserts, African
plains, etc.
When you set up your pyramid for us you need to tell us what numbers you used,
following the 10% Rule.
On time?
Math correctly done?
Materials well-chosen?
Trophic levels correctly identified?