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How do autotrophs get
their energy?
Autotrophs = Producers
Photosynthesis :
Plants use sunlight to
make glucose
• Some bacteria use the
energy stored in
chemical bonds of
sulfur compounds to
make glucose
• These live in remote
places like deep ocean
vents or hot springs
and geysers
hot springs and
ocean vents
Check for understanding:
What is difference between
chemosynthesis and
(use the paddle)
Ecological Pyramids
1. energy pyramid – shows energy flow through a
food chain
2. biomass pyramid- shows the mass in grams
of organisms at each trophic level
3. numbers pyramid- shows the number
of organisms at each trophic level
1. Energy pyramid
Rule of 10 - only 10% of the energy is passed to the next level,
the rest is used by the organism or lost as waste heat
calorie = amount of
heat needed to raise
the temperature of
1 g of water by
1 degree Celcius
kcal = 1000 calories
or 1 food calorie
2. Pyramid of Numbers
one oak tree,
so the pyramid has
a narrow base
3. Pyramid of Biomass
the tree has a large
mass, so the pyramid
has a wide base
Check for understanding:
page 85: #6 & 7
(use the paddle)