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The Atlantic World
1. Spanish Conquest in Americas
- 1492 – Columbus - Landed in island in ______________
- Called inhabitants los indios, “___________”
- What did Columbus and Spain establish, also known as lands controlled by another nation?
2. Portuguese Explorers
- Amerigo Vespucci – an ___________ in service of Portugal
- As he traveled up the eastern coast of South America, he discovered the new land was
not _______
- Named new continent in honor of Vespucci
- Vasco Nunez de Balboa
- What was he the first European to accomplish?
- Ferdinand Magellan - Sailed around southern tip of S. America to the ____________
- His men where the first explorers to do what?
3. Spain Builds an Empire
- Hernando Cortes
- Cortes and his men were known as _____________, meaning conquerors
- His men carved out colonies in ________, S. America and the ______
- Driven by Gold, Glory and God
- As he landed in Mexico, he learned about ______________________________________
- Montezuma II agreed to share his empire’s gold because he believed Cortes to be an
- Cortes forced Aztecs to mine for _____ and _______
4. Downfall of the Aztecs and the Incas
- Superior Weapons
- What did the Europeans have that were more effective than the Aztec arrows?
- Help of Native Groups
- How did Cortes convince the natives to fight alongside him?
- Disease
- Measles, mumps, smallpox
- No natural ___________
5. Spanish Conquest Continues
- Francisco Pizarro - Conquered Incas and captured the Inca ruler
- How did the Inca ruler try to get out of captivity?
- Mestizo – mixed ___________ and Native American
Why were marriages between Spanish and natives more common?
6. Encomienda System
- Used to exploit lands resources
- Natives __________, ranched or ________ for Spanish landlords
- Landlords promised Spanish rulers they would act fairly and respect workers but abused many workers
7. Spain Expands North
- Spain needed a powerful Navy to protect treasure filled ships
- Ponce de Leon
- Claimed __________ for Spain
- Francisco Coronado
- Led expedition through _______, Arizona, New Mexico, _________ and ___________
-Found little gold in desert lands
Spain sent priests to explore and colonize U.S.
- What was the difference of what conquistadors search for and the priests?
8. Opposition to the Spanish
- Priest spread _______________
- Pushed for better treatment of Native Americans
- Criticized Encomienda system
- Government abolished Encomienda for use of __________ __________
9.Slavery in Africa
- African POW’s and criminals transported to Muslim lands of SW Asia
- Worked as _____________ _____________
- In African and Muslim societies, slaves had legal _______ and social _________
__________ – position of influence and power, ex. generals
__________ – not hereditary, could escape slavery by marrying family they served
10. Slavery Different in America
- Auctioned to highest __________
- Worked in mines, fields or as domestic servants
- Little food, small huts and worked long days with __________ and whippings
- Life long and hereditary
11. Atlantic Slave Trade
- What was the Atlantic Slave Trade?
Why did the Americans prefer Africans over natives?
12. Consequences of the Atlantic Slave Trade
- Africa
- Cultures lose ___________ members
- Families torn apart
- __________ spread war as Chiefs traded slaves for guns
- Americas
- __________ wouldn’t survived without back-breaking labor
- Expertise to agriculture
- Culture
13. Triangular Trade
- One Route
- Europeans transported manufactured goods
- Traders exchanged goods for captured Africans
- Africans transported across Atlantic and sold in West Indies
- Merchants bought sugar, coffee, and tobacco in West Indies
- Sailed back to Europe to sell
- Another Route
- Merchants carried rum/other goods From New England colonies to Africa
- Exchanged merchandise for Africans
- Traders exported Africans to West Indies and sold for sugar and molasses
- Sold goods to rum producers in New England
- Middle Passage
- Voyage that brought Africans to West Indies and N./S. America
- Middle leg of transatlantic trade triangle