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The Age of Exploration!
Mrs. Simpson
Why Explore?
1. Crusades  Find a quicker route to get to Asia.
2. Renaissance  People curiosity about other lands
and peoples.
3. Reformation  refugees & missionaries wanting
to leave Europe.
4. Monarchs seeking new sources of revenue.
5. Technological advances.
6. Fame and fortune.
7. Attracted to East for silks and spices
8. Gold, God, Glory!!!!
New Technologies
 Hartman Astrolabe
 Compass
 Better Maps
 Sextant
Portuguese Explorers
 Prince Henry- 1460 looking for trade and
an ally against the Muslims/ Congo
 Diaz- made it to Cape of Good Hope 1488
 Vasco de Gama- went in search of
Christians and spices- arrived in India
 1510 Portuguese flags in Goa, India and
Macao, China
The Spanish
 Believed there had to be a short cut by sailing
 Columbus- (Born in Italy) went west 1492
 Arrived in Caribbean thought it was the Indies
thus the west Indies
 Magellan- around the world
 East and West divided- Pope drew a line Spain
and Portugal
 Spain had the western part of South America,
Portugal the east.
Pattern of Contact
 Began by trading
 Armed conflict- Europeans had cannon
 Set up trading partners- some stay to protect partners and
 Made alliances with local leaders
 Dutch and English less apt to become involved with
 Developed mercantilism- materials from colony- buy
finished products from Europe.
Spanish in the Americas
 Spanish conquistadors- Conquerors from Spain who used
force to take control of foreign lands.
Hernan Cortes took only three years to overthrow the Aztec
Cortes made a big profit by taking gold from the Aztecs.
Francisco Pizarro took control of the Incan Empire in South
Within 30 years, Central and South America went from
being independent flourishing civilizations to being put under
Spanish and Portuguese control.
The First Spanish Conquests:
The Aztecs
Fernando Cortez
Montezuma II
The Death of Montezuma II
Mexico Surrenders to Cortez
The First Spanish Conquests:
The Incas
Francisco Pizarro