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Mrs. Towers
Oxford Area High School
World History
Unit 3: Imperialism
Name: ______________________
Date: ______________
Period: _______
Web Quest: Imperialism in Africa
Directions: Please follow the steps below and answer the questions associated with each
I. Background
a) What does this map show about 12th century Africa in terms of where people lived
and whether there were cities and towns?
2) Look at both of these links, and then answer the question below.
a) These ruins were built before the Europeans got to Africa. Do you think
Africans had advanced societies? Why?
Click on “Learn to speak Swahili”
a) Jina lako ni nani?
II. Causes of Imperialism
a) There are 4 non-economic causes of imperialiam; list and describe them.
Click on “Country Overview”
a) Choose three countries and list the natural resources found in each (will be found
by reading economy section).
b) Why might Europe want some of the resources listed above?
III. Imperialism
a) What was the original reason Europeans wanted to be in Africa?
a) What sparked the “Scramble for Africa?”
a) What happened at Isandlwana?
b) What happened at Rorke’s Drift?
c) What eventually (event not a battle) defeated the Zulu resistance?
a) Why did Cecil Rhodes want to take over Africa?
a) Which two European powers held the most land in Africa?
Click on “British Colonisation”
b) After which wars did the British get South Africa?
c) What passage was created between the Red and Mediterranean Seas?
c) What was the primary reason the British wanted control of Egypt, East Africa,
and South Africa?
e) Who were the Boers?
Click on “The Fashoda Crisis”
f) Why did the British and French come into conflict?
**g) What is the connection between Fashoda and WWI?
Click on “The Conference of Berlin”
h) What was the main reason for the Berlin Conference?
Click on “Enter Here”
a) What does the drawing of King Leopold show about his intentions in Africa?
b) How did the Industrial Revolution help Stanley convince Africans that he was
Click on the “ → button”
c) What was the major resource in the Congo?
d) How did Belgium use the Africans who lived in the Congo?
Click on the “→ button”
e) What is happening in this picture?
a) How many people did Great Britain control?
b) Approximately what multiple is the answer to “a” to the population of Britain?
(show work)