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Get a board
a marker
and a wipey thing
Neutral objects
always have equal
numbers of which
subatomic particles?
What is the most massive
positively charged
A) electron B) Proton C)
Positron D) Neutron
A negative rod is brought near
a neutral pith ball. What
happens to the charges in the
pith ball?
If a negatively charged
object is brought near the
knob of a neutral
electroscope what will the
leaves do?
When hair is combed
with a hard rubber
comb, the hair
becomes positive.
6. A neutral rubber
rod is rubbed with fur
and acquires a -2 x
10-6 Coulomb charge.
What is the charge
on the fur?
Draw a neutral
electroscope being
charged by
In the charging of a
solid, charge transfer
is accomplished by
the displacement of
9. Metal sphere A has a
charge of -2 units and an
identical sphere B has a
charge of -4 units. If the
two spheres are brought
together and then
separated, what will be the
charge on sphere A?
The Milliken oil drop
experiment showed
the existence of
11. How many
Coulombs are in
three elementary
(1.6 x 10-19C) x 3 =
If the charge on each of
two small spheres, a
fixed distance apart, is
doubled, how does the
force of attraction
between the charges
If the charge on one object
is quadrupled and the
charge on the other object
is doubled, what happens
to the force of attraction
between the two charges?
What is the
direction of the
electric field at point
A hollow metallic
sphere is positively
charged. The field at
the center of the
sphere due to this
positive charge looks
like what?
What is18
magnitude of the
electric field
intensity at a point in
the field where an
electron experiences
a 1.0 Newton Force?
6.25 x 10 N/C
A and B are electron
locations. Which has
more potential
difference (Voltage)?
How much energy is
required to move 3.2
x 10 Coulombs of
charge through a
potential difference
of 5 volts?
What is a capacitor
used for?
Describe practical uses
of statics.
Name three things to avoid in
a lightning storm
What was this machine used