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Wilber R. Rivas
Del Rio High School
San Felipe Del Rio CISD
Dr. Guofei Gu
Director of SUCCESS laboratory
Secure Communication and Computer Systems
Computer Science & Engineering
 Identifying
sources that are
hacking into your system by
using various techniques in
computer science and
 To
solve practical security
◦ networking and system techniques
◦ applied cryptography
◦ machine learning
◦ probability/statistics
◦ information theory
◦ graph theory
Assistant professor in the Department
of Computer Science & Engineering
PhD Georgia Tech, 2008
Automated collection and analysis of webbased bot malware infections
Interests include all aspects of network and
system security.
Internet malware detection, defense, and analysis
Intrusion detection and anomaly detections
Network security
Web and social networking security
Short for malicious software,
consists of programming
(code, scripts, active content,
and other software)
 Loss
of privacy
In malware, a botnet is
a collection of infected
computers or bots
Secret writing
The conversion of information from a
readable state to apparent nonsense
◦ ATM cards
◦ Computer passwords
A branch of artificial intelligence
Design and development of algorithms
Recognize complex patterns
Bachelors degree in Computer Science
PhD student
◦ Intrusion detection systems for enterprises
◦ Design graph related algorithms to detect abnormal
PhD student
Wireless Network Security
◦ Detect Rogue Access Point
Online Social Networking Website Security
◦ Detect malicious/spam accounts
◦ Analyze cyber criminal ecosystem
Chao Yang, Robert Harkreader, Guofei Gu.
"Die Free or Live Hard? Empirical
Evaluation and New Design for
Fighting Evolving Twitter
To appear in Proceedings of the 14th International Symposium
on Recent Advances in Intrusion Detection
(RAID 2011),
Malware Analysis
How to categorize malware and what they do
Static analysis and dynamic analysis of
Malware encryption and decryption
Malware detection
Communicating securely over an insecure
 Computer
Network Security
 Cryptography
 Mathematics
 Encryption and Decryption of data
Encryption function
◦ E(P)=C
Decryption Function
◦ D(C)=P
◦ Inverse functions
 D(E(P)) = P and E(D(C)) = C