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Significances of Inflammation
1. Significances
( 1 ) Inflammation is fundamentally a
protective response whose ultimate goal is
torid the organism of both the initial
cause of cell injury and the consequences
of such injury, the necrotic cells and
(2) Inflammatory response is closely
intertwined with the process of repair.
(3) The inflammatory response occurs in the
vascularized connective tissue.
(4) Inflammatory response of both vascular
and cellular responses are mediated by
inflammatory mediators chemical factors
derived from plasma or cells and triggered
by the inflammatory stimulus.
(5) However, inflammatory responses are not
perfect that may be potentially harmful.
2. Aspects of inflammation
(1) Many systemic and local host factors
influence the adequacy of the inflammatoryreparative response.
① Nutrion condition
② Immune condition
③ Endocrine condition
④ Characteristics of inflammatory organ or
(2) The aspects of inflammatory
① Character
② Quantity
③ Duration of injury