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Regardless of the cause, the
response is similar.
*accumulation of leukocytes
*reduced bloodflow
*poss widespread tissue
Steroidal: block the action of the
enzyme phospholipase
Nonsteroidal: block the action of
the enzyme cyclooxygenase
Antihistamines: counteract the
action of histamines
corticosteroids are hormones
produced by the adrenal cortex.
Glucocorticoids: anti
inflammatory properties
mineralcorticoids: help maintain
sodium and water
Cushing’s Disease
overproduction of
Addison’s Disease:
underproduction of
inhibitor of prostaglandins
analgesic, antipyretic, anti
inflammatory, reducer of platelet
use with caution in cats
Propionic acid derivatives
the “fen” group
eg: ipuprofen, ketoprofen,
Flunixin meglumine:
Banamine, Finadyne
*primarily used for large
animals for musculoskeletal
and colic pain.
Used with extreme caution in
small animals
Dimethyl sulfoxide
*well known for ability to
penetrate the skin.
*serves as a carrier for other drugs
*inactivates superoxide radicals
produced by inflammation
Use caution (and gloves) when
applying…it will give the patient
and the person applying it a
garlic taste in the mouth
Misc Drugs
Indol acetic acid derivative:
etodolac (EtoGesic)
inhibits cyclooxygenase 2 and
has once a day dosing
Newer NSAIDs are now
developed to be more specific
by targeting cox-2 without
interfering with cox-1
Used for postoperative
orthopedic associated
pain and inflammation
Inhibits cox-2 and leukocyte
infiltration. Also has antipyretic
abilities. NOT to be used in
pregnant or lactating animals
Other treatments
form the extracellular matrix of
connective tissue like cartilage.
Plays a role in maint of cartilage
structure and function.
Mast cell tumor. Histamine
causes bronchoconstriction and
inflammatory changes when
released from mast cells
Adjustment of the immune
response to a desired level
Cyclosporine suppresses Tlymphocyte activity and is one of
the most effective
Atopica is used to treat atopic
dermatitis in canines
Pain relievers.
Drugs that relieve pain without
causing loss of consciousness
selection based on effectiveness,
duration of action, duration of
therapy, routes of administration