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Photosynthesis and
Cellular Respiration
Cellular processes
Cornell Notes #8
What is Cellular Respiration?
• Transforms unusable energy
from food molecules into usable
energy for the cell
• Produces ATP
• Uses oxygen
• Occurs in mitochondria
CR inside mitochondria
Glucose + Oxygen
Carbon dioxide + Energy
What cells use cellular
• Most cells
What is Fermentation?
• Process to produce energy (ATP) without
the use of oxygen.
• Two types
• Lactic acid fermentation - produces
lactic acid and carbon dioxide
• Alcohol fermentation - produces ethanol
Alcohol fermentation
Lactic acid
What is Photosynthesis?
• Using the sun’s
energy to make food
• Requires a pigment
called chlorophyll
• Occurs inside
Carbon dioxide + Water
Glucose + Oxygen
What cells use
• Plant cells
Ticket out the door:
• In your own words, summarize todays
lesson. Use complete sentences (3-5)