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Cellular Respiration
1. What are the 2 types of fermentation?
2. What organisms carry out lactic acid fermentation?
Alcohol fermentation?
3. What is the number of ATP produced during
4. Name an organism that carries out alcohol fermentation?
5. What are the membranes of the mitochondria called?
6. Draw and label all parts of the mitochondria.
7. What are the reactants of fermentation?
8. Compare aerobic to anaerobic.
9. How many carbons does pyruvic acid have? What is its
full molecular formula?
10. What is the waste product of cellular respiration?
11. What is the formula for cellular respiration?
12. Describe the location, reactants, & products of
glycolysis, Kreb’s cycle, & electron transport chain.
13. What are ATP, NADH, & FADH2 used for?
14. What does ATP stand for?
15. Draw & label the parts of ATP
16. What enzyme helps with the release of energy from
17. What enzyme helps with the storage of energy in