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Marketing Automation
Nurturing, Prioritizing, and Recycling Leads
to Convert More Leads into Revenue
Marketing automation is the technology that allows companies to
streamline, automate, and measure marketing tasks and workflows so
they can increase operational efficiency and grow revenue faster
Executive Summary
• The B2B Buyer has changed: need to proactively engage around educational topics
• Leads need to be nurtured until they are
“Companies that excel at lead
nurturing generate 50% more
sales ready leads at a 33% lower
• Sales & Marketing need to be aligned more
closely, creating a seamless buying process
• There is an opportunity to turn marketing
into a revenue driver rather than a
cost center
• Marketing automation provides a dramatic
ROI: many benefits, low risk, modest
The Changing B2B Buyer
• Buyers are seeking and finding more
information on their own—they’re in control
• There is an information abundance and we
have to be heard through the noise
• To drive revenue, marketers must become
more adept at identifying sales-ready leads
and nurturing the remainder
A recent report from
Forrester found:
“Buyers seek out 3 pieces of
content about a vendor for
every 1 piece sent by a
marketer, and for every 1
piece sent from sales”
• Companies need to interact with prospects
early in the sales process, by providing relevant
information in the early stages of the buying
The Leaky Funnel
• Poorly defined customer
• Flawed lead qualification
• Slow or no follow-up from
• Lack of process
• No sales and marketing
Plugging the Leak
• Identify our buyer and understand the buying journey
• Map sales and marketing practices to the buying journey
• Use marketing automation integrated with CRM to deliver the
right content to our buyer at the right time
• Create lead scoring and nurturing programs that enable us to
hand off warmer leads to sales
• Measure and adapt based on testing
Increase Productivity With Automation
• Run more campaigns without expanding
the marketing team
• Create more consistent email follow-up
• Example: automate event campaigns,
including invitations, reminders, followup and reporting.
More Qualified Leads with Lead Nurturing
Goal: Increase the number of sales opportunities
& deal size and reduce cost per qualified lead
“Nurtured leads produce, on
average, a 20% increase in
sales opportunities versus
non-nurtured leads”
• “79% of marketing leads never convert
into sales. Lack of nurturing is the
common cause of this poor
• “Done right, lead nurturing can result in
50% more sales qualified leads at a 33%
lower cost”—Marketo Email Benchmark
The Value of Lead Nurturing
Lead Nurturing helps turn more inquiries into qualified
leads and decreases cost per qualified lead
Conversion: Inquiry
to Qualified Lead
Cost per
Cost per
Qualified Lead
Source: actual data from software vendor
Increase Sales Effectiveness
Improved Lead Quality =
Increased Sales Productivity
• Prioritize leads based on quality and
“46% of marketers with
mature lead management
processes have sales teams
that follow up on more than
75% of marketinggenerated leads”.
• Let sales send leads back to marketing
for further nurturing, preventing leads
that just "sit" somewhere
• Provide comprehensive lead activity
history for sales
The Value of Lead Scoring
With good info on lead prioritization, reps spend more time
selling and less time
Turn Marketing Into a Revenue Driver
Show that marketing is a revenue driver,
not a cost center.
• Optimize ROI
• Improve marketing's accountability by
proving marketing’s impact on revenue
• Improve Revenue Performance:
– Conversion rates
– Time in a particular stage (velocity)
The Value of Marketing Automation
Marketing Automation ROI
Investment in Marketing Automation pays itself back quickly
Most mature users of marketing automation achieve 32% greater
revenue versus their plan than average companies – and 79% more than
the least mature companies.
Adjust this slide for your situation noting what you have in place, then remove this purple bar.
Improving Lead Nurturing
In Place:
• Monthly Email Newsletter
• Generic content (whitepapers, webinars, blog
To Implement:
• Drip email campaigns
• Content based on buyer profile and buying
• Automation of marketing campaigns (including
Trigger-based nurturing)
• Integration of lead nurturing with CRM data
and CRM activity
• A/B Testing
• Using social data
Steps to Take to Improve
Lead Nurturing
Adjust this slide for your situation noting what you have in place, then remove this purple bar
Improving Sales Productivity
In Place:
• Automatically assign new leads to sales people
Steps to Improve Sales
To Implement:
• Lead Scoring based on profile and activity
• Prioritized lead list for sales
• Lead Activity Monitoring with real-time alerts
• Lead activity history in CRM system (email
clicks, web visits, registrations)
Adjust this slide for your situation noting what you have in place, then remove this purple bar
Improving Sales & Marketing Analytics
In Place:
• Reporting on lead volume
Steps to Improve Insight
into Sales and Marketing
To Implement:
• Lead conversion rates
• Pipeline velocity (how fast leads flow through
the funnel)
• Percentage of the pipeline that is Marketingsourced
• Percentage of the pipeline that is Marketinginfluenced
These are suggested stages for marketing automation implementation. Revise where
Getting Started / Next Steps
3 months
Initial Assessment
Marketing Automation Strategy
Advanced Assessment and
Continued Development
• Identify “hits” and “misses”
• Begin evaluating marketing
automation software
• Select and implement
marketing automation
• Begin developing list of
feature requirements
• Develop preliminary lead
scoring strategy
• Test and optimize emails and
landing pages for various
• Identify current successes
and areas for improvement
• Define high-value segments in
• Create standard set of
automated, trigger-based
campaigns for key segments
• Develop additional content
resources for lead generation
• Create advanced, automated,
trigger-based campaigns for
more segments
Adjust this slide for your situation and then remove this purple bar.
Marketing automation benefits
More innovation
Greater scalability
Enhanced targeting
Increase conversion
Increase marketing productivity
Improve lead nurturing
Increase sales effectiveness
More visibility into key analytics
Turn marketing into a revenue
• Powerful and easy marketing
• Sales insights and sales
• Analytics to measure, optimize,
and forecast the revenue cycle
• Thought leadership, best
practices, customer success
• Social marketing capabilities to
amplify your reach
• 2000 global customers and