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Evolution: The Origin of
the Species
To realize the significance
of Charles Darwin’s original
thoughts and ideas
Charles Darwin: Facts
Developed idea of Natural Selection
1831 began voyage on HMS Beagle
employed as a naturalist
voyage was to take 5 years with no
Charles Darwin: Actions
Studied and collected thousands of lifeforms during 5 year journey
most famous for his observations on the
Galapagos Islands
studied and observed 14 different kinds
of finches on the islands
found one dominant type on each island;
each one was different
Charles Darwin: The Finches
14 different versions of finches
existed on Galapagos Islands
Usually only 1-2 types of finch
located on an island
major difference between finches was
beak size; shape
beaks were deciding tool in success
failure of birds to survive
beaks were primary tool for food
Charles Darwin: Post G.I.
Studied findings on finches and other
life-forms for 20 years
from his studies wrote book entitled
The Origin of the Species in 1859.
Was not well received; went against
religious beliefs
revolutionized modern scientific
Charles Darwin: 4 Main
Points of Book
All organisms produce more
offspring than can survive
Variations exist in all populations of
Some variations are better than
others; more beneficial for survival
(which we call adaptations)
Overtime offspring of more
successful organisms will make up
the population of species
Charles Darwin: The
Book basically states that Natural
Forces are primary reasons for a species
evolving; not divine powers
Evolution, therefore continually is
Variations acted upon by Natural
Selection Forces (En, Dis, CF & Pred)
Variations are caused by numerous
factors most likely of which are
mutations in an organisms DNA, that
then are passed on (modern genetics)