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part 1
EVOLUTION is change over time.
EVOLUTIONARY THEORY is an explanation of
phenomena supported by a collection of scientific
facts, observation and hypothesis.
FOSSILS are preserved remains of ancient
organisms found in sedimentary rock (soil type).
NATURAL VARIATIONS are differences among
individuals of a species.
ARTIFICIAL SELECTION- humans select from
natural variations that they find most useful.
STRUGGLE FOR EXISTENCE is the competition
to obtain food, living space, and other necessities.
FITNESS is the ability to survive and reproduce
in its specific environment.
ADAPTATION is any inherited characteristic
that increases an organism’s chance of
SURVIVAL OF THE FITTEST –individuals that
are better suited to their environment
survive and reproduce.
NATURAL SELECTION – when the best survive
and pass on beneficial characteristics to
offspring without human control; overtime may
change population.
VARIATIONS – differences in trait within a
functions but develop from same embryonic
VESTIGIAL ORGAN is an organ that serves no
useful function.
EXTINCTION – end of a species
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