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8th Period
Notes Due Friday
Darwin’s expedition
By: Diamond
Darwin’s observations
• Darwin observed the diversity of living
• the remains of ancient organisms.
• And the characteristics of organism’s living
on the Galapagos islands.
• He was amazed by the diversity of all the
different animals
• There were many of the same species of
animals with diff. characteristics than the other
organism that are the same species but have
diff. characteristics.
• Species- a group of similar organisms that can
mate with each other & produce offspring
• He found many diff. species of animals in the
Galapagos islands
• Fossils- the preserved remains or traces of
an organism that lived in the past
By: Gabby Lucarelli & Raelyn Dawson
The gradual change in
species overtime is called
Darwin's reasoning
• Darwin really wanted to understand the
different variation and life styles of organisms
on the Galapagos islands.
• Darwin's reasoned that plants or animals that
arrived on the Galapagos islands faced
conditions that were different from the
conditions faced on the main lands.
Darwin’s Theory
• Darwin’s ideas are often referred to as
the theory of evolution.
• A scientific theory is a well-tested
concept that explains a wide range of
Galapagos Organisms
By: Eric Rudary, Tyler Castro,
Leny Bykov, Leo Held, Alexis
• Darwin found that many of the birds on the
Galapagos Islands resembled those on
the mainland.
• Darwin hypothesized that a small number
of different plant and animal species had
come to the Galapagos Islands from the
• Darwin noticed many differences among
organisms as he traveled from one
Galapagos Island to the next.
• The beak shapes of the different finches
on the Galapagos Islands are an example
of an adaptation (a trait that helps an
organism survive and reproduce).
Natural Selection
Angela Faranda
Ariana Ehasz
Natural selection is the process by
which individuals that are better
adapted to their environment are
more likely to survive
When too much offspring are produced
there is not enough resources – food,
water, and living space- for them all. If
newly hatched insects survived, they
would soon crowd out all the other
plants and animals.
A difference between two individuals of the
same spices.
Where animals compete for food, space, or
water to survive. Its mostly indirect than
Selection is the process
were animals with an
adaptation reproduce
a lot more and over
the time of many
different generations.
Environmental Change
Environment Change is when the
environment changes and can kill off many
members of a species. Then only the
animals with a special adaptation survive
and live on to reproduce more of the
animal. The offspring then gets the
Genes And Natural Selection
Variation in the genes is what causes natural
selection. The animal with the gene is
more likely to have offspring which will in
turn get the special gene.