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Community Infrastructure:
Is your town ready for change?
Presented By:
Shanna Ratner
Yellow Wood Associates
The Problem:
“Inadequate public infrastructure is
viewed as the most significant
roadblock to economic development
in small town and rural America.”
The Pulse of Small Town and Rural America, Report from the National Association of
Development Organizations Research Foundation eForum (August 30, 2004 national
focus group of 210 regional development professionals supported by the Kellogg
Implications of Climate Change
for Infrastructure
Rising Temperatures and Increased Precipitation will
 Energy Use
 Roadways & Bridges
 Stormwater
 Wastewater
 Water Supply
How Infrastructure
Affects Climate change
Heat & Power Generation
Solid Waste
Water Systems
Open Space
VT’s Greenhouse Gas Emissions:
Source: Center for Climate Strategies - Final Vermont Greenhouse Gas
inventory and Reference Case Projections, 1990-2030
Sustainable Infrastructure:
Reduces costs over a lifetime of use (lifecycle costs)
Shares costs equitably across user groups
Reduces effects of infrastructure on climate change
Minimizes the use of non-renewable resources
Minimizes impact on the natural environment
Protects biodiversity
Uses renewable resources in a sustainable manner
Is designed for flexibility
Sustainable Infrastructure
How we get there:
Mechanical Solutions
Biological Solutions
Behavioral Solutions
Sustainable Infrastructure
MECHANICAL: purchase more fuel efficient trucks
BEHAVIORAL: put in place a “no idling” policy for all
municipal vehicles
Sustainable Infrastructure
MECHANICAL: build retaining wall
BIOLOGICAL: install soft-shore protection
How We Get There
Green Community Technologies® is a service to
help communities make infrastructure choices that
 Save money
 Improve municipal service delivery
 Improve human health and quality of life
 Protect the environment
Sustainable Infrastructure:
Sewer collection, Treatment plant
Reduce Wastewater at the source
Use natural systems
Install highly efficient equipment
•Cluster Systems
•Fly Ash
Green Community Technologies®
Portfolio of Services
 Inventory and Assess Infrastructure Assets
 Research Alternative Technologies and Present
 Assist Communities in Implementing Appropriate
Use the Infrastructure Inventory to:
 Meet GASB 34 Requirements
 Prioritize target areas for infrastructure
 Conduct a Climate Change Risk Assessment and
Preparedness Plan
 Put in place long-term infrastructure planning that
meets the needs of your community and is adaptive
to the changing climate
Infrastructure Inventory: Results
Richmond, VT
Need for energy efficiency improvements for town hall
Richmond, MA
Community will run out of cemetery space in 10 years
Hancock, NH
Eight bridges will need to be repaired or replaced with 10-15
Litchfield, ME
Community requires a better approach to aquifer protection and
ways to prevent salt infiltration to community wells
Ottertail, MN
Cluster zoning would be advantageous to the city’s desired
decentralized wastewater collection and treatment
What People Are Saying
“We are very enthusiastic about setting an example for other communities in
New York State. This is the first time we will undertake a comprehensive
evaluation of our buildings. Green Community Technologies brought this all
together for the town and provided recommendations for us to consider.”
-Mary Ellen Keith, Franklin, New York Town Supervisor
“I think it was money well spent. In our case, we settled on the wastewater
upgrade project, but it could apply to a number of projects.”
Rocky Martin, Director, Department of Building and Facilities in Hinesburg, Vermont
Green Infrastructure
Funding Opportunities
Energy Efficiency and
Conservation Block
Grants (EECBG)
Competitive Local
Government Sub-Grants
Distributed through the
VT Clean Energy
Development Fund
•Energy Efficiency Retrofits
•Financial Incentive Programs
for Energy Efficiency
•Implementation of
Transportation Projects
•Renewable Energy
Technologies on Government
•Traffic Signals and Street
General Resources
Green Community Technologies
Preparing for Climate Change: A Guidebook for Local,
Regional and State Governments.
Green Infrastructure: US EPA